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    Women’s car insurance 

    As a rule, women do not know a great deal about cars. That’s not to say it’s the same for every woman, but generally, all we know is you have to put fuel in before the needle hits the red, and you have do something with the oil and water every so often. Beyond that, if the car goes and looks pretty, women are happy.

    When it comes to women and their car insurance, it pays for us to be a little more switched on. We might not know what brake horsepower our car has, or even what size our engine is, but if we are insurance-savvy, we can get one up on our male counterparts by saving a load of cash.

    There are many websites that cater for women only, and often these policies are cheaper and have more benefits. This is because if you look at the statistics, women are less likely to have an accident or make a claim on their car insurance. Therefore, insurance companies can afford to give us cheaper insurance policies, leaving us with ladies with more money to spend on those gorgeous shoes or stunning handbag.

    So next time your man scoffs at your lack of knowledge, or complete inability to reverse park, don’t get angry. Simply smile smugly knowing that it is costing you less to drive the same car.




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