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    Weekend Car Insurance

    There is nothing like having a weekend away. There is something really satisfying about finishing work early on a Friday, packing up the car and heading off for a weekend of relaxation and rest.

    But you could hit a snag and not know what to do about it. What if your partner, who is the sole owner and the only one insured on the vehicle, hurts themselves or is unable to drive for whatever reason, and you need to get the pair of you home.

    The trouble is, you’re not insured. Do you risk it, or is there something else you can do? Well, many companies will now insure drivers for a week or so, or even just a weekend. This means you can call them and get covered as soon as possible, meaning you don’t have to break the law.

    It can also be a good idea to get cover anyway, so that if the driver gets tired or needs a break, you can take over at the wheel knowing you have full insurance protection. Getting points on your licence is just not worth it – especially when it is so easy to get yourself fully covered for an entire weekend. 




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