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    Insuring a Car for the weekend.

    Whether you are a new driver, got a new car, or simply driving someone else¹s car for a short space of time, one of the most important things to remember is to sort out proper car insurance before getting behind the wheel.

    While insurance payments may be a burden at the best of times, the cost of getting caught without it is even more so.

    These days most companies offer a wide selection of policies to meet the needs of customers according to their gender, age, vehicle model and address, among other things, meaning drivers can look around for the right deal for them.

    Some people, however, might simply need a quick fix short term policy, cover for just a few days, or even a weekend. While many may fear this kind of policy could prove too costly, the fact of the matter is in today¹s market companies are offering more flexible policies to suit the amount of time customers need to be covered, such as weekend cover.

    These policies are now well-established and not as daunting for people as they once may have been.

    Most importantly people should remember that not getting insurance at all can cost much more than at the end of the day, and can even cost you your licence.



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