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Three months car insurance


  • Three months car insurance

  • You know you’re not insured to drive it, but your mate has a gorgeous motor and has said you can drive it the 250 miles home after a weekend away. Tempting isn’t it? You know getting caught driving without insurance will lead to trouble. You could end up with a number of points on your licence. But you have always wanted to drive his car, and don’t want to turn the opportunity down. Moral dilemma or what?

    Well, there is an answer – temporary car insurance. You can get yourself insured on your mate’s car for a limited amount of time. Cover yourself for three months, and then use it as an excuse to get behind the wheel of your friend’s car. You pay for the privilege of course, but you may be surprised how little it can cost to get a couple of days worth of cover on another vehicle. It is certainly worth spending a little and ensuring you are fully covered for the drive rather than risking it and end up shelling out a ton of cash when things don’t go exactly to plan. At worst you could find yourself financially responsible for both cars should you be involved in an accident, as well as having points on your licence.

    Check out temporary car insurance – it is worth it.
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