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    Six months insurance

    There could be any number of reasons why you need short-term cover on a car. Hey, it’s none of my business why you need it – I can just tell you that you can get it. Cover for six months is available. In fact, cover for almost any specified time is available from most car insurers.

    Say you got a new job, only this one is a 30-minute drive away rather than the 10-minute amble you currently make to your place of work. You need to get a car, but you need to save some cash first. The job is too good to turn down, and your wonderful dad has offered you the use of his car until you can get one of your own. Here is where the short-term cover can come in.

    You don’t want to pay for the whole year, because you won’t need cover for the whole year. On the other hand, you are a law-abiding citizen and don’t want to drive without any insurance.

    Work out how long you need to be insured on the car, and get on the telephone. You will be able to cover yourself without being forced to shell out for a whole year.



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