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    One Week Car Insurance

    Getting car insurance for one week might seem like a daft idea to some. You might wonder why on earth someone would only need cover for one week.

    On the other hand some people might not even know the option is available. That means when the situation does arise, they drive the car in question without car insurance and risk getting points on their licence and a hefty fine.

    So when might you need cat insurance for one week? Well, what about if a friend has gone on holiday, and asked you to watch their house. Their car is sitting there doing nothing, and they say you can use it for the week providing you get your own car insurance cover on it.

    That’s just one example, but there are many, many more. Of course, your own car insurance may cover you third party on another vehicle that your have permission to use, but often this will only be third party cover. Get the full policy and pay a premium for the week. It is often safer, easier and gives you and the car owner greater piece of mind.




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