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    One-day car insurance

    Trying to imagine a scenario where you might need car insurance cover for one day is not easy. But there are definitely some cases where this might be necessary. Admittedly, some are a little far-fetched and not entirely likely to happen, but others are not beyond the realms of possibility.

    It could be that you usually share a lift with a colleague, as you don’t need a car for you job, leaving your car at home. Then one day you suddenly need to get to a meeting 50 miles away. Your colleague says you can use their car, providing you get your own insurance on it. Dah-da… one-day car insurance is needed.

    Or maybe your car has gone in for repair, and will be fixed within a day. Your insurance policy does not provide a courtesy car, yet you need one for work. A friend has said you can use theirs, providing you have fully comprehensive car insurance on it. Yet again, one-day car insurance is required.

    So you see, there are times you might need cover for a day, and you can get it. Most insurance companies will provide this for you, so give them a call and find out.




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