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    So you’ve just passed your test, all the months of hard work, studying the Highway Code and hours behind the wheel have paid off, so what can possibly stop you now? The list may seem endless.

    The cost of a car, the cost of running a car, the cost of maintaining a car, the cost of taxing a car, the cost of putting a car through its MOT, and just as important as anything else, if not more, is insuring the car.

    After the headache of actually being allowed to drive with freedom most new drivers will not be looking forward to their first taste of sorting out an insurance policy, especially as many will fear the high costs they are likely to face.

    This, however, is not always the case as many companies are now offering a range of policies to suit drivers of all ages, gender and experience.

    New drivers can now find a selection of deals they can pick up to get them legally on the road. But be warned that new drivers deciding to take to the roads without insurance will quickly be back in the classroom as such an offence carries a minimum six-point penalty, which is enough to revoke any licence under two years old in the UK.



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