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    Having one car to insure is one thing, but imagine having two, three or even four vehicles to get a policy on. Just the mere thought of going through the rigmarole of insurance for each car is enough to make even the most insurance-savvy person weep. Fear not though friends! There are a few simple ways to get the job done without compromising your sanity.

    You can call up your current insurer and see how much it would be for multi car insurance. In other words, add on the list of cars to your current policy. You could also use the web, and find the best car insurance deals available when you put more than one vehicle on the policy. Remember car insurance usually covers you on one vehicle only. To cover more cars you have to add them on, or take out separate policies.

    Both options are easy enough so don’t get caught out. Many parents find themselves in this situation when their children learn to drive and get their own cars. Often the insurance costs for teenagers and young people are far too high – so the best option is often for a parent to insure themselves on the car and add the kids on as named drivers.




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