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    Whether you have a little “chicken-chaser” bike, that barely goes faster than a pushbike, or a full throttle superbike that would not be out of place in the TT races, you need to have insurance cover to ride it on the road.

    No bike is exempt from the need for insurance cover, so before you don your crash helmet and head out on your two wheels, make sure you have got cover.

    You also have to ensure you have the right licence and the right road tax. Road tax for motorcycles is often cheaper than it is for cars, but that is not always the same with insurance.

    Riding a motorcycle can often be more dangerous than driving a car, and insurance costs can reflect this. There are some companies that specialise in providing insurance cover for motorcycles, so it can be worthwhile taking a look at these and seeing what they can offer you. Try taking a look at some of the comparison websites available too, as these can ensure you get the best deal on your motorcycle insurance.

    Whatever the cost, insurance is vital to ensure you and other drivers or riders are protected should the worst happen.





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