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    Everything you need to keep you and your car legal and safe on the roads costs money. You need a driving licence, which means spending cash on lessons and tests, you need road tax and you need an MOT certificate, which means paying a mechanic to take a look at the vital elements of your car and check that they are safe and roadworthy. It also means getting insurance, and paying for the cover.

    The trouble is, these necessities always seem to need renewing at once. Your car needs an MOT, and no sooner have you done that then the road tax is due, followed by the car insurance. It can be financially draining, especially when they all come in the same month, and therefore out of the same wage packet.

    Many car insurance companies allow you to pay the figure by monthly instalments. You might pay a bit more overall in order to do it this way, but sometimes that works out better than shelling out for everything in one go. It means you can spread you payments throughout the year, so you don’t have miss out on the other things in life in order to keep you and your car on the road.




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