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    Learner Driver get Insured

    The pressure on learner drivers is greater than ever these days with rising costs, more complicated tests and the sheer number of motorists already cramming onto the country’s roads.

    Drivers have to sort out their provisional licence, stump up for lessons, find suitable company when not with an instructor and make sure they know the Highway Code inside out.

    The one thing most learner drivers possible overlook is the fact they need to be insured to drive. Sorting out driving insurance can be a daunting task at the best of times, but especially for those with little or no experience in the matter.

    There is also the fear the cost of getting insurance as a learner driver will be astronomical, pushing up the already unenviable cost of learning to drive.

    But this need not be the case as many companies now tend to offer a whole host of packages to suit all categories of motorist with all categories of vehicle.

    So in terms of gaining experience at cutting costs is may prove useful for learner drivers to do their homework and shop about for the right policy before getting behind the wheel.




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