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    Lady drivers and their Car Insurance 

    If the comedians had their facts right then the worst drivers on the roads today have to be the ladies. They cannot park, they cannot judge junctions and one-way systems are nothing less than a cruel labyrinth put in place to humiliate them.

    The reality, however, is far different. Many studies will show women to be the safest bet when it comes to driving, being responsible for a lot less of the problems on the road than their male counterparts.

    Statistics show that men have a much higher chance of being involved in an accident, and involved in a much higher ration of incidents involving fatalities and serous injuries.

    To reflect this situation many insurance companies are now offering special policies for women, which can help bring down the overall costs of motoring today.

    Lady drivers are being encouraged to shop more than ever before for the best policies now being offered by a whole range of companies.

    So while the stigma of calamitous driving and comical reverse parking may stick with the ladies, when it comes to the cost of car insurance they are certainly having the last laugh.




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