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    Gone are the days when motorists would drive around the country’s roads aimlessly pumping pollution-filled emissions into the atmosphere unaware of the damage being caused.

    Nowadays thanks to mass media and a hefty spotlight being placed on the need to protect the environment, people are under more pressure than ever to reduce their carbon footprint.

    For motorists this means looking carefully at the emissions their vehicles produce and how to minimise any harm being caused. Companies are now producing more environmentally friendly vehicles, saving the average motorist the trouble of having to conjure up ways to do their bit.

    One area, however, drivers do have to make sure they have done their bit is in sorting out insurance. This is an area that puts many people off driving more environmentally friendly vehicles, such as hybrids. But this may not need to be an area of concern as more and more insurance companies are now tailoring policies to suit drivers of hybrid vehicles.

    More people may now look to choose this alternative transport as the government is putting increasing pressure on the drivers of gas-guzzling vehicles.





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