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    I am not speaking about all girls in this small piece, but I would hazard a guess that I am talking about the majority. Hands up who knows where your car’s head gasket is. What about the sump pump, or the spark plugs? I bet there are not many that know.

    We don’t care what is under the bonnet. Brake horse power means absolutely nothing to me. All I care about is that my car works and it has insurance and breakdown cover.

    Breakdown cover for me is very important. If my tyre pops on my way home from work I don’t want to be crouching at the side of the road in the wind and rain, wiping mascara from my cheeks while trying to figure out how to work the jack. No, I want to phone a nice man from a breakdown company who will come out and change the tyre while I sit comfortably in the car.

    That’s why I make sure my car insurance cover includes breakdown cover. There are some special car insurance policies for girls only, who provide cheaper cover because we are nice, sensible lady drivers and a heap of options to keep you safe on the road. It’s well worth checking them out and seeing what they can offer you.




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