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    Car Insurance for Female Student Drivers

    With the cost of everyday living on the up it is no surprise the pinch is being felt by students as much as anyone out there.

    Already burdened with the increasing prices of food, accommodation, and fuel, arranging car insurance seems to be just one more headache, especially for female students - or is it?

    If the comedians are to be believed then the ladies are the worst drivers on the roads. They struggle to park, they cannot judge junctions and one-way systems are simply a cruel labyrinth put in place to mock them.

    These factors, some may think, will mean a female student will surely find the cost of insuring their car a steep challenge.

    The truth, however, is vastly different. Many studies show women to be the safest bet when it comes to driving, being responsible for a lot less of the problems on the road than their male counterparts.

    To reflect this situation many insurance companies are now offering special policies for women, which can help bring down the overall costs of motoring today.

    So for those female students worrying about the rising costs of living nowadays, insurance may not be such a burden after all. 




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