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    Environmentally friendly: Go Green is the message being sent out in all directions these days, the planet is depending on it. Drivers, who are causing a great deal of the damage every day albeit without malice, are now being urged to look for environmentally friendly options when choosing their transport more so than ever before.

    If you do not have the funds to snap up the kind of state-of-the-art electric sports car Jeremy Clarkson would turn his nose up at, then there are still the options of finding something with lower emissions, converting to gas, or even getting your hands on a motor which can happily run on vegetable oil.

    While many drivers are quick to consider the negative financial implications of going green, many will not think to look into the possibility of getting more favourable car insurance for their efforts to heal the globe.

    With the emphasis nowadays on reducing the world's carbon footprint, many companies will now offer policies favouring the more environment friendly motorist.

    Coupled with efforts by the government to hit the owners of gas-guzzlers in the wallet, this could well be the way forward both for the environment and the finances.




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