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    Elderly drivers car insurance: Despite having more experience than most of the drivers clogging up the country's roads these days, it is elderly drivers who seem to get a raw deal at the hands of the insurers - or is it?

    There are about 700,000 drivers aged 80 and above entitled to drive on UK roads, with each and every one needing insurance to get behind the wheel. That is unless they want to risk facing a date in court.

    There are many stigmas about elderly drivers becoming more dangerous in their advancing years, but there are also those with unblemished records who feel they are being penned into the same high insurance cost category without just cause.

    But with the advent of convenient shopping on the Internet or over the phone, older drivers now have more opportunity than ever to shop around for a better deal, one that may reflect their driving record and not just their date of birth.

    With many insurance companies being branded ageist in recent times, there is now a greater range of policies on offer to suit individual needs to ensure people are not forced off the road because their age has bumped up the price.




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