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  • Insurance & convicted drivers

  • New rules, restrictions and regulations are leading to more and more drivers being stripped of their license than ever before.

    With more and more drivers being jammed into ever-decreasing road space, and every bump these days being attributed to careless driving rather than an accident, it is no wonder people are totting up the points on their licenses and receiving driving bans for months and sometimes years.

    Seatbealts and mobile phones are now another area where drivers have been warned they will be punished if they flout the rules, but neither rake in the kind of numbers still being snared by speed cameras. Both mobile and fixed cameras are still leading to drivers being convicted and losing their licenses for speeding on the roads.

    While many motorists are dismayed to find the fines sitting on their doorsteps, it is the hike in insurance prices that provide the real shock when they are once again allowed to get behind the wheel.

    Nowadays, however, there are a number of insurance deals out there for convicted drivers and make no mistake, getting back onto the road without insurance will be viewed as serious, if not more so, as drink driving by the courts.
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