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    Having a collector or classic car is the dream of any motor enthusiast. Even the rich and famous tend to invest in a classic or collector’s edition vehicle to sit alongside their top of the range Bentley or Rolls Royce. Collector cars range massively in age, size and description, and this means insurance on vehicles of this description can vary hugely, depending on what you want to insure and what your insurance needs to cover.

    Many collector cars are kept for show, and are not driven very often by their owners. This is usually to keep them in pristine and as close to original condition as possible. Also, if there is ever a problem, it is unlikely your breakdown company would have the part needed in the back of the van. Parts are often difficult to come by for collector cars, are things like this contribute to the cost of insuring a collector car.

    If you are not going to drive your collector car, it is unlikely you will need to insure it or buy road tax for it. However, because of their value, more in-depth and detailed policies are often taken out so that the vehicle is covered for every eventuality.




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