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    Eco Friendly Carbon Neutral

    Carbon Neutral: Eco-friendly. Carbon Neutral. Green. Organic. Day in, day out we are bombarded with these buzz words, encouraging us to think about the planet, think about ourselves and do all we can to make the world a better place.

    Okay, it might seem a bit fluffy and idealistic – but let’s be honest, we should all start to take notice if we haven’t done already. I have fitted energy-saving lightbulbs at home, and turn off lights when they are not in use. I recycle what I can, eat organically when I can, I don’t leave my taps running unnecessarily and I have insulated my home to conserve heat and energy.

    Believe it or not, there is even more you can do to help keep mother nature fit and well. And it starts with your car insurance.

    Carbon neutral car insurance policies offset the carbon emissions you build up through driving. Some policies offset your emissions by planting trees or by funding sustainable energy projects.

    So, when you have eaten your organic cereal and milk, turned off all your energy-saving lightbulbs and popped your newspapers into the recycling, you can tootle off to work in your car with a conscience as clear as pure mineral water straight from a stream.



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