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    We have all heard the jokes about women drivers. They can’t park, they can’t reverse and they are generally a pain in the backside if you listen to the old sayings. In actual fact, they can park, they can reverse and while sometimes they may be a pain in the backside, what they can do is get cheaper car insurance.

    Women around the world can drive safe in the knowledge that there are lots of specialist companies who cater specifically for them. Some even offer lovely incentives to get more women drivers on their books. This is because they are less likely to have an accident if you look at the statistics, and therefore less likely to make a claim.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean they are completely safe. Many of us have been in our fair share of hair-raising incidents with a woman behind the wheel. But it does mean they are deemed safer.

    This means insurance companies are clamouring for their business, making car insurance for women a very competitive market. So if the statistics show women can park, reverse and drive safely, there is only one answer – any problems on the road are quite simply the fault of the men. No change there then!




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