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    Many of us have to use our cars for work, unless you’re lucky enough to have a company car. For those of us who aren’t, using our car for work means getting business car insurance cover.

    It can be tempting to skip it. It’s so easy to think nothing will happen to me while I’m driving around for work. It’s just typical that if you don’t get the insurance cover then that is exactly what will happen.

    It often doesn’t cost that much extra, which is just as well considering the price of everything seems to be shooting up at the moment. It’s just a matter of calling your current insurance provider and adding it to your policy.

    It’s easy to say, and you can bet that many of us keep meaning to make that phone call, but keep forgetting. I’ll do it tomorrow, you might think, or next time I need to contact the insurance company.

    But telling the person you have driven into that you were going to call your insurance company tomorrow won’t wash. The best thing is to bite the bullet and call them. Then you can do as many work miles as want, and claiming the mileage back may help you to cover the cost.




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