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    Most of us are pretty young when we start driving. We save up for our first car, or if we are lucky the parents shell out for one for us. Then we go about getting it taxed, getting our car insurance and getting it through an MoT. Once all that has been done, we find our pockets are pretty empty. So when the question of breakdown cover comes up, many people just don’t bother.

    Now, sat by the side of the road in the pouring rain as smoke pours out from under the bonnet of your beloved vehicle, not having breakdown cover is coming back to bite you on the butt. You can’t help wishing you had gone for the car insurance policy that offered breakdown cover for just a little bit more a month

    Many car insurance policies offer breakdown assistance. While it may not be top of the agenda for you, having it can make the world of difference. If you can find a policy that is the right price and offers breakdown cover with it, take it. You never know, it may just come in handy. And it will save you wrestling with a puncture or desperately calling everyone you know to come and tow you home should your car decide it has had enough.




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