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As soon as any youngster passes their driving test, the first thing they want to do is get behind the wheel of a car as a fully-fledged driver. And while the lessons and the tests may have added up to hundreds of pounds, there is no let up unfortunately when it comes to insuring a young person to drive.

Young people, usually those aged between 17 and 25 in the eyes of insurers, are deemed a high-risk group. That means statistically they are more likely to be involved in an accident than some other groups in society. It is for this reason that insurers tend to put up their policy prices when giving car insurance quotes for young people in this age group.

There are a number of reasons that young people are deemed high risk by car insurance providers besides the statistics. Young people are inexperienced on the road, which often contributes to accidents. The cars young people drive can often be badly maintained, as they are still learning about vehicles and when something could be wrong with their car. This can often be a contributory factor in many car accidents. Also, the low number of young people owning their own vehicle often means they carry more people in their cars, leading to potential overloading.

There are some solutions to finding the cheapest car insurance available, and one is by looking online and comparing car insurance quotes between a number of different companies. There are also specialist companies tailored to providing quotes for younger drivers. They can often provide cheaper car insurance quotes than other general insurance companies.

For a cheaper car insurance quote, young drivers should think about the car they are going to buy. The older and slower the car you drive, the cheaper the car insurance quote is likely to be. Car insurance companies are reluctant to insure young drivers on top-of-the-range, super fast cars due to the added risk of accidents on top of the statistics. An older and slower car could mean hundreds of pounds savings on you car insurance quote.

Young drivers can also be insured through their parents policies. This will keep the costs down, and some insurance companies even allow named drivers to build up no claims bonuses. This means that when you eventually come to get your own insurance you can have a few years no claims bonuses to offset against your costs, providing you have not had an accident in that time.

As you can see, the world of car insurance for young drivers can be an expensive one. However, there are a number of things you can do to keep costs down. The best advice would be to look around and compare car insurance quotes online, using one of the many car insurance comparison sites. That will ensure you get the best deal possible when looking to insure your car.


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