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    Refused insurance cover!

    If you have been refused insurance cover on your car, you are probably wondering what you can possibly so next. Well before you start panicking, thinking you will never get car insurance cover now, go through these steps and by the end of it you are more than likely to have a cover note winging its way to you.

    One reason you may have been refused car insurance is due to your age. Young people aged 17-25 are considered a high-risk group. Therefore many premiums for insurance for these drivers are extremely costly. Throw in a powerful car, maybe a few claims or perhaps a missed payment, and insurers are likely to be wary of covering you on your vehicle.

    You could try hunting around and see if there are other insurers willing to cover you, and maybe use a comparison website to compare the car insurance quotes online. Other options include becoming a named driver and have one of your parents as the main driver, or getting a less powerful car and build up a few years on a no-claims bonus.

    Drivers who have had convictions in the past that have led to them losing their driving licence may also find they have trouble getting a car insurance provider. All convictions must be declared. If not it could lead to your car insurance being invalid. Declaring these convictions is likely to affect the cost of your car insurance, and you usually have to declare them for up to five years.

    If you are still struggling to get car insurance, there are firms that cater specifically for people who have had driving bans and the like. You can find most of these online and can then compare the costs to find the cheapest car insurance available to you. However, be prepared to pay more for your car insurance. It is going happen regardless as insurers feel they are taking more of a risk insuring you on a car than insuring someone else without a conviction or ban.

    The good news is that providing you are not banned again, or your convictions are very minor, your insurance costs should come down with time. This is the same for drivers in the 17-25 age bracket. After all, we all get older!

    The number of claims you make can also affect your car insurance status. The more claims you make, the more you can be expected to pay out for the insurance cover when it is time for renewal. On occasion an insurer may decide you are too much of a risk for them, and decline the renewal of your policy. All you can do then is find yourself another insurer. A no claims bonus helps to reduce your costs, but if you have claimed during the course of the previous year’s cover it does not necessarily mean a huge hike in the costs.




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