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    When insuring your car there are a number of options available to you. The option you choose will depend on your circumstances, and could mean quite a big difference in price. However, it is important to remember that cover may be less if you choose one of the options that allows you to pay less. You can search for full car insurance online, where you are likely to find cheaper deals.

    Full car insurance, or what is known as fully-comprehensive car insurance, means that you are covered for everything. If there is an accident that was your fault, you are covered for the damage caused to your car and the damage caused to any other vehicle or vehicles that were involved in the accident. There may be an excess charge to pay, usually about £200, if any claims are made. Usually on this type of insurance you are also covered to drive anyone else’s car, with the permission of course. However, you are only covered third party if you are driving another person’s car. This means that should there be an accident in which you are at fault, your insurance will only cover any damage done to other vehicles. Any damage to the car you are driving is not covered by insurance.

    Third party, fire and theft cover is often the best option if you have an older car. If you have an excess of £200, and your car is only worth £400 – there seems little point in paying for full car insurance. You might as well pay for third party insurance as if there was an accident, it would probably cost more to repair your car than it is worth. If you had fully-comprehensive insurance and this happened, the car would probably be a write-off – meaning the insurance company has written it off and they would then pay you the insurance value of what your car was worth.

    It can be tempting to opt for third party insurance, especially if you are a young driver and want to keep your costs down. However, it is important to be aware of what third party insurance entails. If your car is relatively new, then full car insurance would probably be your best option. If you are struggling to find a suitable price then you can always ask a parent to take out the insurance, and then put you on as a named driver. This means that although you will not build up any bonuses from making no claims on your insurance, the costs will be kept down and you will still have full car insurance.

    Looking online for car insurance can help you weigh up the costs of each option. This is probably the best way to find the cheapest car insurance available to you, and one that will offer you the most benefits for the best possible price. Calculate your car insurance using online tools to make sure you pay the cheapest price available.

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