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    There are not many things in life that come for free. In fact, in this day and age, getting something for free is becoming rarer and rarer. 

    Many of us are even a bit apprehensive when something is offered us for free. We are always wondering what the catch is, what we have to do in order to get this little something for free?

    I wish someone would insure my car for free. Sadly, that is not going to happen. Particularly now that I have three points on my licence for breaking the speed limit. There is no way round this – you just have to bite the bullet and pay to be insured. 

    But, these car insurance companies do give you at least one thing for free. They give you free quotes on your car insurance. This means you can ask as many insurers as you like, and they will happily tell you how much they will charge you. They may also tell you about any other little incentives they can offer you for free. 

    And then you simply decide which quote appeals to you most, and take them up on their offer. So while there are not many things in life that are free, you should make the most of the things that are.




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