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    Car Insurance is due for Renewal

    We have all been there. Your car insurance is due for renewal and you have had another bump-free year, meaning your no-claims bonus is fully intact. A few weeks before your car insurance policy runs out, onto the mat drops a letter from your current provider.

    The letter tells you how wonderful you have been in the past year for not claiming anything from your insurance providers, and then gives you the new price for your car insurance. Brilliant, you think, it's less than last year. That means there's no need to compare car insurance quotes because this one will do.


    This is a mistake many people make. They see the new price, realise they will be paying less than they did last year and so do nothing about it. But by taking a few moments to compare car insurance quotes online, you could end up saving a tidy sum when you finalise your chosen car insurance deal over the internet.

    Many online car insurance companies allow you to complete the whole process of finalising and buying your policy online, meaning minimum hassle for you. It may be easier to simply accept the new quote from your current provider, but spending just half an hour online has to be worth it if it means you save some cash.

    There are a number of things you will need to have to hand in order to fill in the required details online. These may include your driving licence details, any details of points added to your licence and payment details. When you have finalised everything online and you have your insurance, you will usually be provided with a cover note within the next few days. You are usually covered immediately though – just check what date you requested the insurance cover to start.

    One thing you must remember to do is call your current provider and tell them you will not be continuing with the policy as you have found a cheaper quote. You may be pleasantly surprised as many insurance companies want to hang on to good customers, and your current provider may end up beating the quote you got online. Once you have found a suitable car insurance quote online, call your current provider before you accept to see if they will do a better deal. You can always refuse what they offer and get back online to close that cheaper car insurance deal.

    The best thing about finalising your car insurance deal online is that you can be covered immediately if need be. Some insurance companies even offer discounts for anyone who buys their car cover online.

    So don't just think you have to accept whatever quote you get through from your current car insurance provider. Get online, get comparing and get finalising those cheaper car insurance deals. I'm sure you will find that it really is worth the effort.




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