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    Comparing car insurance quotes can be a hassle.

    Everyone wants to make sure the quote they have to insure their car is the cheapest one available to them.

    It is important to compare you car insurance quote from one company with as many others as you can. You may find a much better deal than the one you are about to accept. This means that comparing your car insurance quotes can save you lots of money, and can ensure you get more benefits for your money from your car insurer.

    There are a number of ways to compare your car insurance quotes with other insurance companies. The traditional way is to call each company, read out your details over and over again and make a note of each quote and the benefits of each insurance package. Or you can go to each company's website and type in your details over and over again, again keeping a list of each quote and benefits from each firm. But there is another way to find the cheapest car insurance available to you online.

    If you want to calculate your car insurance in an instant and see a list of every price from a range of insurers, then you need to go to a comparison website. These sites allow you to input your details just once, and then it checks a host of other sites and provides you with a full list of insurers, complete with prices and benefits. This can cut out a lot of hassle for anyone looking to get the best price on their car insurance.

    The details you can expect to give are the obvious ones like name, address, occupation and age. Others include the number of years you have been driving, and the type of car you want to insure. You will also have to declare any accidents that have occured in the previous five years (regardless of whether you were at fault or not) and any convictions, including fixed penalty notices. Failure to declare these may lead to your insurers refusing to pay up should something happen. Any no claims years will also be taken into account. The more years you have without making a claim (up to five years) the better price you can expect on you car insurance.

    Other factors are also taken into account, including your age (people under 21 years of age are often more expensive to insure on cars than those over 21) and where our car is kept overnight. Cars parked on a drive or in a garage usually benefit from slightly cheaper car insurance than those left in a public car park or on a public street.

    If you are looking to insure your car and you want to find the best possible price, comparing prices online, often using dediacted comparison webites, is the best way to ensure this. Not only is it simple to use, it saves you the hassle of calling each insurance company or inputting the same details on a number of different websites.




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