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    Everyone wants to find the best deals possible, not just for their car insurance but for everything they have to buy. It seems silly to waste money on one product when you can get exactly the same, but for less money. It is for this reason that people are advised to shop around when it comes to purchasing car insurance.

    There are a number of factors that come into play when looking to insure a car, and these can all have an effect on whether your car insurance is cheap, or if it is going to cost you a lot of money. The younger you are, up to the age of 25, the more expensive your car insurance is likely to be. The more points you have on your licence and the number of accidents you have had in the past five years will also determine the cost of your insurance.

    Things that will make your car insurance cheaper include things like where the car will be kept overnight. If it is kept in a garage, your insurance is likely to be less than if you keep your car in a public car park. Also the type of car you drive and the size of the engine can determine how much you will pay to insure your vehicle. The amount of mileage you do too can have some effect.

    The best way to calculate you car insurance is online, using a comparison website. This can ensure you get the cheapest car insurance for the least hassle, as the site does all the work for you. Many people now use these tolls to find the best price for their car insurance.

    The cheapest car insurance may not offer all the extras you want, so make sure you check this out online when getting a quote from a website. Things like legal cover and a courtesy car are sometimes optional extras. Often these can be removed to make the car insurance cheaper, or added if you want them and they are not automatically included.

    Many people use online tools now to fine the cheapest car insurance. Another good way is through word of mouth. A friend may have found cheap car insurance with a provider so you might want to check them out and see what they can offer you. It all depends on the circumstances, but they may be able to offer you a good deal.

    It is worth getting quotes for car insurance when it is coming up to the renewal time with your current insurer. If you can find a price that’s better than the one you are offered, tell them. They might then try to match, or even beat the price you have found online, therefore saving you even more money on your car insurance.

    It is always worth checking these sites out to see if you can make a saving.




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