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    Business car insurance is a necessity if you use your car for work. Sorry to be so dull and blunt about it, but that is the hard truth. That’s not to say not having business insurance is without its uses though.

    Speaking from personal experience I used not being insured for business purposes to my advantage. The company I worked for at the time should have had a company car for employees of my particular section to use. But a company director decided he needed the car for a few weeks, during which time we were expected to use our own cars. It was quickly pointed out that this would be breaking our insurance policies as we weren’t covered for business use. We suggested that the company shell out and pay for our business insurance or we simply couldn’t go out and do the work. Would you believe the company car miraculously found its way back to the office within hours!

    There is a serious message here though. If you do use your car for work, other than travelling to and from your place of work, you must have you car insured for business use. Otherwise, you could be in for a nasty surprise should you be unlucky enough to have an accident while using your car for work. And more often than not, your employers won't help you out with any costs should your insurance company refuse to pay out. After all, it's up to you to make sure you have adequate cover for the use of your car.

    Insuring your car for business use should not send your car insurance quotes soaring, but it is a good idea to compare quotes between insurers and check that you are getting the best and cheapest deal available to you. The easiest way to compare car quotes is by going online. There are many comparison websites you can use, which will give you a number of options and prices. This will ensure you get the cheapest car insurance that meets all your insurance needs.

    So while it is tempting to avoid paying slightly more to add business insurance to you car insurance policy, it really is worth it. There are very few of us who like going to work every morning. Imagine how much worse it would be if your car was off the road and your insurance company wouldn't pay out - all because you used your vehicle for work and didn't want to pay the small amount extra to cover yourself. It would make going to work a whole lot harder.

    You can usually add business insurance to your existing policy, simply by calling your current car insurance provider. But remember when your car insurance policy is up for renewal that you might be able to get a cheaper price by comparing car insurance quotes online.




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