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    Accident, Car Insurance and Alcohol

    Car insurance and alcohol are not words which go together. In fact, any motorist should know that alcohol and driving do not mix. Not only does driving while under the influence of alcohol risk the lives of the driver, other road users and pedestrians, but could also leave the driver with a criminal record, a prison sentence and have a lasting effect on future car insurance quotes.
    There is a lot of confusion surrounding the safe amount of alcohol motorists can consume and still be able to drive safely and under the limit. The law in the UK states the safe legal limit as 35mg of alcohol in 100mg of breath. But that can mean different things for different people. It can depend on your weight, your age and your sex. A 6ft, 15 stone man may be able to drink a pint of lager and be safe, yet a 5ft, 8 stone woman may not be.

    The best thing do if you are unsure is simply not to drink at all of you are getting behind the wheel of your car. That way you ensure that everyone stays safe and that you stay out of prison and keep your car insurance at the level it should be.

    Car insurance can be a major problem for people who have been caught driving while under the influence of alcohol. Many people are given a ban, which is a minimum of 12-18 months. In the UK this is given to everyone, regardless of the amount of alcohol in their system. The courts may also choose to increase this, and often do if the alcohol levels are high.

    After a drink driving conviction you would be considered a high-risk driver. This could mean that your present insurer will not want to renew your policy when you are able to drive again. At the very least, you can expect your car insurance costs to rise significantly, as insurers may feel they are taking a risk by covering you due to your history. You must always declare your convictions to your insurer. If you don't, you run the risk of invalidating your policy.

    There are a number of specialised car insurers that you can find online that will insure you should you have a drink driving conviction. If you are struggling to get car insurance, then these may be your best option. It is also advisable to compare any car insurance quotes online, to ensure you still get the cheapest car insurance available to you. Calculating you car insurance this way should ensure you get the best possible price. It could also mean the difference between getting car insurance with a drink driving conviction, and not getting car insurance at all.

    The best way to make sure that none of these problems effect you is to be safe on the roads and stay away from alcohol when you are going behind the wheel.




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