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    17-year-old Drivers: With increasing numbers of drivers passing their tests there are more teenagers on the roads than ever before, and it is this category of driver that is always given a bad reputation.

    While statistics show many accidents involve younger, less experienced drivers, not all teenagers should be tarnished with the same brush.

    Many young drivers will quite happily adapt to life on the road and should not be punished for the overall statistics racked up by an ever-growing category of motorist.

    One of the best ways for new drivers to cut their costs is to shop properly for an insurance policy that best suits a young person.

    A tailor-made policy could help any new 17-year-old driver avoid the sometimes over-inflated packages offered by some insurance brokers.

    And all 17-year-old drivers should be warned to make sure they have properly arranged their insurance policy before getting behind the wheel as the minimum penalty for not doing so in the UK is a six-point penalty, which for any 17-year-old driver would mean having their license revoked and the need for a re-test.




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